Reading Endorsement

Advisement Sheet

Advisement Sheet


The  Northwest Georgia RESA Reading Endorsement program is built upon current research and research-based practices that enable teachers to engage students in the dynamic, interactive process of constructing meaning from text. The program is structured to provide candidates with a solid understanding of the theory and practice of quality Reading instruction.  Three fifty-hour courses in the field of Reading comprise the Northwest Georgia RESA Reading and literacy endorsement program:

  1. Foundations of Teaching Reading in a Diverse Society
  2. Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Difficulties
  3. Reading and Literacy Across the Curriculum

These three courses provide the candidate with a solid understanding of the nature of the reading process, the reading program, and correcting reading difficulties. Candidates learn how to evaluate school needs, organize reading instruction, and provide effective staff development in reading.

The Northwest Georgia RESA Reading Endorsement Program has embedded field experiences through the individual tutoring and case study in course two, and through the classroom practicum in course three. The Institute experience provides candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in identifying and correcting reading difficulties and to plan appropriate reading instruction to meet identified needs of students.


Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a valid T-4 or higher clear renewable teaching certificate 
  • Have the recommendation of the professional learning coordinator (or other supervisor) in the employing school system.
  • Provide documentation of personal and professional behaviors that would indicate the likelihood of being successful in the work the reading endorsement program is designed to prepare the candidate to do.

For registration information, please view the Endorsement Application Process.