Bucky Bush - ext. 39

Data Specialist
Renee’ Mixon

If you have any questions about our technology services, please contact our technology director.



  • Partnering with teachers to develop ideas and instructional activities

  • Partnering with district/school level instructional technology staff

  • Classroom visits and follow-up implementation support

  • Cross-district resource sharing and advisement


  • Partnering with and supporting district/school level technical staff

  • Implementation of district wide content management systems

  • District/school infrastructure analysis, reports, and recommendations


  • District/School level policy and procedure reviews

  • Technology recommendations and previews

  • Technology initiative consulting

  • Cross-district resource sharing and advisement

  • Partnering with administrators to celebrate professional development content implementation


Mission and Vision

The technology department and Northwest Georgia RESA currently only provides technology support to its internal departments. Although, we provide fingerprinting and background check services and equipment to our school districts.

The mission of the technology department is to help RESA continually meet the needs of its districts. We are constantly looking for new ways to provide relief in times such as these with constant budget cutbacks. Today's technology is growing at an increasingly fast rate but it can be used to our advantage with things such as distance learning and online training seminars.

Our vision is to one day be able to host these seminars and to allow our districts to be able to receive training for wherever they are, without losing any of our quality service and the experience of our friendly customer service.