Gifted Endorsement


The purpose of the Northwest Georgia RESA Gifted Endorsement Program is to prepare the candidate to function as a classroom teacher of the Gifted in member systems and agencies. Goals for the candidate completing the Gifted Endorsement Program are:

  1. to develop expertise in Gifted instruction for identified gifted students
  2. to develop expertise in assessment, including a variety of informal and performance-based assessments as well as placement and achievement assessments and
  3. to become a leader in professional development and in collaborations involving Gifted instruction with teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, families and communities

To meet these purposes there are several principles on which the Gifted Endorsement Program is based. 
The candidate specializing in gifted education needs:

  • In-depth knowledge of the highly specialized instructional needs of gifted students
  • A thorough understanding of the historical and theoretical underpinnings of current beliefs and practices
  • Knowledge of current research in gifted education and the related fields of learning theory to support decision-making as trends move through the field of practice
  • Critical thinking skills as a consumer and practitioner of gifted education


The candidate must have:

  1. A clear, renewable, Georgia teaching certification
  2. Two or more years of successful teaching experience
  3. Recommendations from two system administrators
  4. A current contract with a Georgia school system
  5. Proficiency with technology
  6. Mastery of GPS or appropriate QCC

Application Process

The application process is listed below:

  1. Submit Application (click here to print an application)
  2. Begin Registration* (click here to create/update your profile)
    1. Get approval from school
    2. Get approval from system
    3. Get approval from RESA
  3. Aquire materials needed for class (see below)
  4. Make arrangements to attend class sessions

*Each class must be registered for individually after creating/updating your Northwest RESA profile.


The Gifted Endorsement process is designed to include a four-course sequence for completion within two years.

The candidate must take the following courses in sequence:

  1. Characteristics of the Gifted
  2. Methods and Materials for Teaching the Gifted
  3. Assessment of the Gifted
  4. Curriculum and Program Development for the Gifted

Each course is 50 hours, or 5 PLUs.
The courses should be taken in the sequence listed above.

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