Computer Science Endorsement


Advisement Sheet

Advisement Sheet

The Northwest Georgia RESA Computer Science Endorsement program is based on standards set forth by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission Rule 505-3-.86 and has been developed with additional reference to the content recommendations of the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) Standards for Computer Science Educators (2011) and the Computer Science Teachers Association Interim Standards (2016)


The Computer Science Endorsement program consists of four courses:

  1. Foundations of Computing (40 hours)

  2. Introduction to Computational Thinking (50 hours)

  3. Programming (60 hours)

  4. Computer Networks and Information Security (50 hours)


  • All courses have several purposes for candidates:

  • To define problem solving and programming concepts

  • To develop structured solutions using logic structures

  • To understand user defined variables and types

  • To demonstrate decision making in programming by using algorithms, pseudocode, and flowcharts

  • To introduce object oriented programming

  • To write programs using graphical user interface (GUI) components

  • To edit, compile, and run Java applications and applets

  • To name variables, constants (final) and references

  • To understand primitive data types

  • To calculate with arithmetic operators

  • To use relational and logical operators

  • To understand sequence, selection, and repetition structure

  • To program with methods

  • To understand Recursion

  • To define and implement overloading

  • To use arrays: sorting, searching

  • To understand classes and objects, instance variables, and instance methods

  • To use constructors, overloaded constructors

  • To understand finalizers, garbage collection

  • To define and use in a program Static class members

  • To understand inheritance, this reference, polymorphism

  • To define and use super class, subclass

  • To understand abstract class, concrete class

  • To implement event-driven programming and event handling model

  • To cover topics on CompTIA Network+ certification exam

  • To understand Network architecture and operations

  • To understand TCP/IP, mail, and routing protocols

  • To understand IP addressing

  • To use Networking devices, media, and topologies

  • To demonstrate problem-solving strategies

  • To demonstrate Teaching Methods in CS Education focusing on pedagogical tools, different forms of class organization, and mentoring

  • To plan an instructional lesson plan set

  • To create valid assessments using tests, projects/programs, and portfolios

  • To evaluate students using formative and summative assessments

Candidates must meet the following criteria to apply for a Computer Science Endorsement cohort:

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college/university with a minimum of 2.5 GPA

  • Valid T-4 or higher Clear Renewable Certificate

  • Two or more years of successful teaching experience (Verification is included in Endorsement Candidate Application Form)

For registration information, please view the Endorsement Application Process.