Culinary Arts Endorsement

Advisement Sheet

Advisement Sheet

Industry Experience Record

Industry Experience Record


With today’s changing workforce and struggling economy, it is of great importance that students experience high-level technical programs in high school. Northwest Georgia (NWGa) RESA offers the Culinary Arts Endorsement Program to ensure that teachers have the skills to instruct students in high-quality Culinary Arts programs.

The purpose of the Northwest Georgia RESA Culinary Arts Endorsement Program is to provide family and consumer sciences teachers with the opportunity to enhance their skills in the area of culinary arts through the completion of three courses: 1) Industry Experience in Culinary Arts, 2) Foundations of Culinary Arts Education, and 3) Instructional Design and Delivery of Culinary Arts Education. The proposed program is designed in accordance with PSC Rule 505-3-.63. 

The candidate specializing in the Culinary Arts Endorsement Program will have the opportunity to:

  • Recall the terminology, characteristics, and purposes related to Culinary Arts Education.
  • Conceptualize Culinary Arts as a broad educational field.
  • Apply their knowledge of nutrition principles to their Culinary Arts curriculum and to their teaching practice.
  • Demonstrate mastery of essential culinary skills, methods, and techniques.
  • Implement lab-based instructional strategies and practices that will ensure the proper use of culinary lab equipment.
  • Implement instructional strategies and evaluation methods that will ensure their students’ safety.
  • Design, develop, and deliver instruction at each level of planning (Curriculum, Unit, Daily)
  • Follow the safety procedures and guidelines associated with practical applications of Culinary Arts.
  • Plan and perform a demonstration of a manipulative skill
  • Recruit, evaluate and train students in order to support a school-to-career transition or secondary to post-secondary education transition.


Candidates must meet the following criteria: 

  • Possess a valid T-4 or higher clear renewable teaching certificate in family and consumer sciences
  • Complete 120 hours of industry experience consisting of 40 hours completed in front of the house service (defined as dining room area, table service, point of service system/electronic ordering system, wait staff management and table etiquette) and 80 hours in back of the house service (defined as hot line, grill, sauté, cold, fry, dessert stations, kitchen food preparation, and plating for service)
  • Submit documentation of ServSafe Manager Certificate by having passed the ServSafe Certification test with a score of 80% or above
  • Submit two positive recommendations, at least one of which must be from the applicant’s school-based administrator
  • Demonstrate the dispositions that align with the beliefs and values of the Culinary Arts Endorsement Program


Application Process

The application process is listed below:

  1. Submit Application (click here to print an application)
  2. Begin Registration* (click here to create/update your profile)
    1. Get approval from school
    2. Get approval from system
    3. Get approval from RESA
  3. Aquire materials needed for class (see below)
  4. Make arrangements to attend class sessions

*Each class must be registered for individually after creating/updating your Northwest RESA profile.