Work-Based Learning Endorsement

Teacher Disposition Record

Teacher Disposition Record


The data and times tell us that the need for high-quality work-based learning experiences for students is of utmost importance. First, data from a 2008 study by the Educational Testing Service and the Southern Regional Education Board reveal that students who experience more intensive work-based learning supports have higher mathematics and science achievement upon exiting high school ( With the current struggling economic climate and difficult employment environment, initiatives such as the Georgia Work Ready Initiative from the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development are attempting to provide citizens with high-level employment opportunities ( The content contained in the proposed endorsement program is in concert with these study results and initiatives—responding to the need for more students leaving high school prepared for high-level technical employment.

The proposed program for the WBL Coordinator provides endorsement certification. Its purpose is to prepare candidates to effectively implement a school-wide Career Related Education model including work-based learning placements in all CTAE classes for middle/secondary CTAE programs. The WBL endorsement program allows individuals holding an existing Level 4 or higher teaching certificate in any field to add this credential.

The program is based on the Georgia PSC Rule 505-3-.67 and supplements requirements in Rule 505-3-.01. The program also ensures all candidates meet the 24 Work-based Learning Standards set forth by the Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education/Georgia Department of Education Standards for Program Improvement. Candidates meet these standards through course work and related field experiences. This program prepares the candidate to work as a WBL Coordinator for all CTAE fields. Candidates are admitted during the summer (semester) and take the approved program courses as a cohort group.

During the final course of the program, candidates in the WBL Endorsement Program are coordinating their school-wide programs full-time. The endorsement program experiences are set up to ensure that the candidates have multiple opportunities for applying coursework within their own context. Assignments in courses one and two integrate field-based assignments that candidates apply in their own school site. For example, candidates learn about work-based learning placements in course two, and then employ that practice in the field. In the year-long field supervised internship (course three) instructors visit candidates at their school site and at work-sites where WBL students are placed. Instructors observe candidates throughout the internship, and also have them engage in online teacher-generated discussion groups via an online course management system. Additionally, candidates keep a weekly teaching log/journal to reflect on their experiences and to look for trends in their practice.


Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a valid T-4 or higher clear renewable teaching certificate in any field.
  • Submit two positive recommendations, at least one of which must be from the applicant’s school-based administrator.
  • Demonstrate the dispositions that align with the beliefs and values of the WBL endorsement program
  • Print and complete Endorsement Application and Teacher Disposition form. Mail these completed documents, along with a copy of your clear renewable certificate, and two letters of recommendation to the address at the bottom of the application.

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