Work-Based Learning Endorsement

Advisement Sheet

Advisement Sheet


The data and times tell us that the need for high-quality work-based learning experiences for students is of utmost importance. The three courses in the Work Based Learning Endorsement are based on Georgia Professional Standards Commission Rule 505-3-.106. This endorsement was created in response to the need for more students to leave high school prepared for high-level technical employment and to prepare candidates to work as Work Based Learning Coordinators for all CTAE fields.


The Work Based Learning Endorsement program consists of three courses:

  1. Development of Work-Based Learning Programs (40 hours)

  2. Implementation, Management and Evaluation of Work-Based Learning Programs (40 hours)

  3. Integration for Field Supervised Internship (40 hours)


Work Based Learning Endorsement courses have the following purposes for candidates:

  • To prepare candidates to effectively implement a school-wide Career Related Education model including work-based learning placements in all CTAE classes for middle/secondary CTAE programs

  • To ensure the 24 Work-based Learning Standards set forth by the Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education/Georgia Department of Education Standards for Program Improvement are met

  • To recall the definitions, characteristics, and purposes of the different types of WBL programs

  • To create a budget based upon resources allocated to their programs

  • To acquire resources for their programs

  • To accommodate students with disabilities who are enrolled or who wish to enroll in their programs

  • To recruit, evaluate and train students in order to place them appropriately on job sites

  • To appropriately train and place students in work site settings

  • To supervise and evaluate students on work sites

  • To follow the legal issues and labor laws that pertain to their programs

  • To train mentors for their programs

  • To locate, access and utilize the essential forms for Work-Based Learning

  • To access, utilize, maintain and archive student records in compliance with Georgia DOE protocols

  • To review and evaluate their programs

  • To develop partnerships vital to their programs

  • To market their programs

Application Criteria

Candidates must meet the following criteria to apply for entry into a Gifted Endorsement cohort:

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college/university with a minimum of 2.5 GPA

  • A valid Level 4 or higher Induction, Professional, Advanced Professional, or Lead Professional teaching certificate

  • Two or more years of successful teaching experience (Verification is included in Endorsement Candidate Application Form)’

For registration information, please view the Endorsement Application Process.