Science Endorsement


Advisement Sheet

Advisement Sheet

The NWGa RESA K-5 Science Endorsement program is based on standards set forth by the Georgia Professional Standard Commission, Rule 505-3-.93, and has been developed with additional reference to the content recommendations of the National Research Council as described in A Framework for K-12 Science Education.


The program consists of three courses (120 direct contact hours):

  1. Increasing Content Knowledge and Pedagogy in Life Science
  2. Increasing Content Knowledge and Pedagogy in Earth Science
  3. Increasing Content Knowledge and Pedagogy in K-5 Physical Science

Participants must have an authentic residency enrolled concurrently with each course. The total number of contact hours is 160 which includes the participants’ planning for and teaching of lessons based on content being learned in each course.



All courses have several purposes for candidates:

  1. To understand and use the major concepts and practices of science for grades K-5
  2. To use scientific inquiry to develop students’ scientific literacy
  3. To encourage student interest and engagement in science through providing relevance
  4. To nurture collaboration, critical thinking, hands-on exploration, manipulative use, problem-based inquiry, technology utilization, and activity implementation addressing various learning styles and multiple intelligences
  5. To select and use a variety of formative and summative assessment techniques to monitor student progress, gauge students' understanding of science content, and interpret school-based progress for a diverse group of learners
  6. To demonstrate a deep understanding of how K-5 students learn science and of the pedagogical content knowledge appropriate to K-5 science teaching

For registration information, please view the Endorsement Application Process.