K-5 Math Endorsement

Advisement Sheet

Advisement Sheet


The Northwest Georgia RESA K-5 Mathematics Endorsement program is based on standards set forth by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission Rule 505-3-.92 and has been developed with additional reference to the content recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.


The K-5 Math Endorsement program consists of three courses:

  1. Increasing Content Knowledge and Pedagogy in K-5 Number and Operations (40 hours)

  2. Increasing Content Knowledge and Pedagogy in K-5 Geometry and Measurement (40 hours)

  3. Increasing Content Knowledge and Pedagogy in K-5 Algebra, Data Analysis and Probability (40 hours)


All courses have several purposes for candidates:

  • To understand and use the major concepts of mathematics for grades K-5

  • To solve problems using multiple strategies, manipulatives, and technological tools

  • To interpret solutions and determine the reasonableness of answers and efficiency of methods

  • To nurture collaboration, critical thinking, hands-on exploration, manipulative use, problem-based inquiry, technology utilization, and activity implementation addressing various learning styles and multiple intelligences

  • To select and use a variety of formative and summative assessment techniques to monitor student progress, gauge students' mathematical understanding, and interpret school-based progress

  • To demonstrate a deep understanding of how K-5 students learn mathematics and of the pedagogical content knowledge appropriate to K-5 mathematics teaching.

Application Criteria

Candidates must meet the following criteria to apply for entry into a K-5 Mathematics Endorsement cohort:

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college/university with a minimum of 2.5 GPA

  • Two or more years of successful teaching experience (Verification is included in Endorsement Candidate Application Form)

  • A valid Level 4 or higher Induction, Professional, Advanced Professional, or Lead Professional teaching certificate in one of the following fields:

    • Elementary Education (P-5);

    • Middle Grades Mathematics (4-8)

    • Special Education General Curriculum / Early Childhood Education (P-5); or

    • Any of the following certificates combined with a core academic content concentration in mathematics:

      • Special Education General Curriculum (P-12);

      • Special Education Adapted Curriculum (P-12);

      • Special Education Behavior Disorders (P-12);

      • Special Education Learning Disabilities (P-12);

      • Special Education Deaf Education (P-12);

      • Special Education Physical and Health Disabilities (P-12);

      • Special Education Visual Impairment (P-12); or

      • Gifted Education (P-12).

For registration information, please view the Endorsement Application Process.