Regional Data Warehouse Project

Reporting and Analytics for Educational Decision Makers

Project Summary

We are excited to announce the kickoff of our regional data warehouse project. We will need your assistance over the summer in establishing connectivity to your Student Information System (SIS) and other data sources.

The platform will serve as a regional longitudinal reporting and analytics system to assist in identifying best practices and informing strategic decisions.  The regional nature of this system will enable us to pool our collective efforts and exchange data driven insights in order to benefit from a larger and more diverse set of data than any one district possesses. The intent is to inform and support our collective efforts to improve student achievement, not to make judgements or evaluate districts, schools or individuals.  We appreciate your assistance in this project and we recognize that everyone on this distribution already wears multiple hats. We are committed to the success of this project and recognize this cannot require a substantial amount of your time or effort.

The vendor assisting us with this project has a proven track record of success. In large part, our decision to use this vendor was based on the impressive work being done in Dalton City Schools. Dalton City Schools has been using this solution for the past two years and have been able to develop reports and analytics that they were previously challenged to develop. In addition, the Data Warehouse solution has greatly reduced the effort that Dalton has expended in the past to report data.

We are excited to undertake this new service on behalf of our districts and we look forward to sharing the many insights gained.

Project Objectives

  • Spend more time analyzing and less time wrangling the data
  • Improve access to high quality, integrated, and timely data
  • Enable analytical resources to be combined and shared
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality are maintained
  • Identify and promote best practices across the region

Project Owner
    Northwest Georgia RESA

Project Stakeholders
    17 Member LEAs

Project Advisory Teams
    Student Information
    HR and Staff Information
    Assessment and Research
    Reporting and Analytics

Integrated Data Domains
    Student Information Systems
    Human Resources and Staff
    Standardized Test Results
    More to come...

Additional Questions
Dexter Mills
    Executive Director, NW RESA